Storing Your Cordless Drill Battery

Like any battery the life of it can be maintained if the cordless drill battery for Paslode  is stored in a dry environment. I have seen many batteries left in cold damp garages or workshops, and not looked at for weeks, maybe even months. That is not a good thing to do at all.

If possible store your batteries in a cool dry place. if you got a bag or a case with your cordless drill, then it only takes a few seconds to pop the battery back in there and it will keep it safe.

If you plan on storing your battery away for a few weeks or months, then the ideal charge should be around 40% as at this charge, the battery will last longer.

Should you remove the battery from the drill when not in use?

This is a question that we are asked all of the time. We look at many manuals on a weekly basis, and we have tried removing the battery and also leaving it in the drill. We have not found anything that makes a recommendation either way. Our testing has also shown that there was no difference either way by leaving it in place, or taking it out and storing it in a separate place.
Other Top Tips

General Treatment

Treat your Black & Decker cordless drill batteries with as much care as you possibly can. Avoid dropping them because they can crack and that will damage them and can break them as well. I have seen people toss batteries into a tool bag to charge later, and the terminals have been shorted out by a screwdriver or a spanner.

That causes serious damage to a battery. Most of them come with some sort or plastic protective cover to stop the terminals being shorted out, so hold on to it and use it as well.

Use of Drills

The higher torque you use on a drill, or the higher speed that you use on a drill, then the more battery power it will need and will use it up a great deal faster. Many people tend to place their drill on the highest settings available and use that for every job.

You really don’t need to do that, and it takes just seconds to get it on the right settings. It will also make your battery last longer, and not be so tough on it.

Here is a rough guide to the right battery for the right job:

For Light Work – Anything between 7-15 Volts will be find and a 12 volt is ideal

For Medium Work – Either a 12 or 18 volt is ideal or anything in between

For Heavy work – A minimum of 18 or 20 volt or anything bigger

So for example, if you plan on using your cordless drill for drilling metal or as a masonry/hammer drill, then buy one with at least an 18 volt battery pack, or even better a 20 volt battery pack.

Using a lower voltage Metabo drill battery to do really heavy work will very quickly render a smaller voltage battery completely useless, in a very short space of time.


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