How to Use a Rainbow Carpet Cleaning Vacuum

The Rainbow carpet cleaning vacuum is a multipurpose cleaning system and Dyson 17083 battery. You can use the machine to vacuum the carpets, clean hardwood, tile or linoleum floors, or upholstery. Unlike vacuums that have bag filtration systems, the Rainbow vacuum uses a water-filled basin to filter dirt and debris. This means that less allergens are released into the air when surfaces are cleaned. Using the Rainbow vacuum is slightly different than using other vacuums.

Fill the water basin with tap water until the water level reaches the fill line on the interior of the basin or the fill post in the center of the basin. This water catches dirt and debris.

Add Rainbow brand deodorizer to the basin. One to two capfuls is recommended.

Secure the clips on both sides of the Dyson 917083 vacuum cleaner battery unit and water basin to secure them to one another.

Attach the hose to the machine. Turn it clockwise until it snaps into place. This usually requires a half turn.

Choose the attachment you need and attach it to the hose. Most Rainbow machines come with a vacuum attachment, crevasse attachment, dusting attachment, upholstery attachment, spray pump and shampoo attachment.

Plug the machine in and turn it on. Vacuum the carpet.

Change the water in the basin as needed. As you vacuum, check the water in the basin to ensure that it isn’t thick. As the water traps dirt, the water will turn thick and sludgy. You must detach the hose before removing the water basin and reattach it when you replace the basin.

Dump the remaining water from the basin when you are done vacuuming. Rinse the basin with clean water. Store the vacuum cleaner battery for Dyson DC30 until the next use.


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