Dispose of a Lithium Polymer Drill Battery

A lithium polymer, or LiPo, battery pack is commonly used in hobby, model and toy cars, planes and helicopters. Unlike other types of power tool batteries and battery packs, lithium polymer batteries are environmentally safe and with a little pre-work, can be disposed of in the regular garbage.

Remove the battery from the device it is stored in. Examine the battery. If the battery or battery pack appears swollen, torn or dented skip to step 5. It is not safe to complete the below steps with a damaged battery.

Fill a bucket with sand. Place the lithium polymer battery in the bucket of sand. Alternatively, a fireproof container can be used.

Plug the connector on the Makita drill battery into the connecter of a lithium polymer battery discharger. Set the discharger to the lowest value.

Allow the battery to discharge until the discharger displays the voltage has reached 1.0 volt per cell or lower. This process may take up to 24 hours. Gently pull on the connector to remove the battery from the discharger.

Fill a bucket with three gallons of cold water. Add 1/2 cup of salt. Swirl the bucket until the salt dissolves in the water.

Place the battery in the salt water. Ensure the battery is fully submerged. Allow the battery to soak in the water for two weeks.

Remove the cordless drill batteries. If desired, the battery can be wrapped in old newspaper or placed in a plastic bag to keep the battery from dripping all over. It is now safe to place the battery in the trash.


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