How to Extend the Life of a Ni-Cd Battery Pack

Rechargeable Panasonic drill batteries are cost-efficient alternatives to disposable batteries. In addition to savings, these batteries reduce the amount of hazardous materials that end up in landfills. Ni-Cd batteries are just one type of rechargeable batteries available for general consumer use. With proper maintenance, Ni-Cd batteries will last through 800 charge and recharge cycles.

Discharge the batteries fully before you recharge them. According to Green Batteries, Ni-Cd batteries are susceptible to a voltage depression, often referred to as a memory effect. Voltage depression, which is reduced voltage and capacity, occurs when the batteries are recharged repeatedly before they are fully discharged.

Avoid overcharging Ni-Cd batteries for Craftsman drill. Some battery chargers, especially first generation versions, continue to send current to Ni-Cd batteries after the batteries are fully charged. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and remove the batteries as soon as the indicators show that they are fully charged.

Remove Ni-Cd batteries from devices that do not shut off automatically after use. These include flashlights and some toys. Such devices will drain the battery until the polarity reverses. Batteries with reversed polarity cannot be recharged.

Keep batteries at room temperature. Ni-Cd AEG tool batteries are less effective in low temperatures and can be permanently damaged in high temperatures.


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