Choose a Great Cordless Drill for Your Woodworking Needs

One of the most amazing advancements in technology is perhaps the cordless drill. In the recent years they have been so popular and are ever so useful for all types of woodworking projects. These are viable choices and have given a lot of convenience in drilling tasks. Cordless drills come in all sorts of sizes with their own unique features. So, what are the features should you be looking into?

Always start from the Dewalt cordless drill battery when buying a cordless drill. Determine the weight of your woodworking needs. Some types of drills come in 9.6 volts for the battery, and can reach up to 24 volts in some. There are a lot of advantages when you have a powerful battery because it means more power for you. This would also mean having additional torque which is used to drive longer screws in some strong hardwood varieties. A more obvious reason is also the longer battery life, which can be useful when you don’t have a power source from where you are working. The only disadvantage to having stronger batteries is the weight. The weight greatly increases especially with the 24-volt drill.

Consider the weight too as it’s crucial in determining your level of comfort when you’re working on your tasks. A cordless drill which you must consider is one that has all of the basic features. Among these is a reversible motor. The motor needs to give your freedom in easily backing out screw which you have drilled in. A dual-speed motor is also important and needs to come with a high and low switch, as well as an adjustable clutch. When you’re adjusting the clutch, check if it does help you avoid driving screws in too deeply into the stock. Among the additional feature you may also consider is the chuck. A lot of the cordless drills have a 3/8″ type and holds the bits.

However, if you’re looking for a larger model, they may have a ½” which allows you to use the drill bits which are ½” in diameter too. Usually, if you’re looking at ½” models, they will come with a hammer drill which can have really few uses in woodworking but can greatly come in handy if you’re drilling a lot of holes in masonry. Recently, there have been a lot of models which use smart chargers that can give you an extended battery life. In some cases, models will have two Bosch power tool batteries and, you can use one of them while the other is charging too. A problem in choosing the drills however, is that most models have the features mentioned above already. So, how will you differentiate between them?

Well, some woodworkers will consider two major factors. First is looking at the batteries behind the voltage. When you’re comparing between models with the same voltage, those with a higher mAh rating can guarantee you a longer charge for longer periods of time. Another thing when talking about the batteries is the “feel” of the drill. Hold the cordless drill in different positions and ask yourself “which one feels better?”. Finally, the weight is a huge issue. If you cannot use the drill over your head in a comfortable way for a minimum of 30 seconds each time, you need to consider getting one that has a smaller voltage because it means a smaller size. The drill should not only be powerful – it needs to be comfortable enough for you to use.


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