How to Upgrade an Airsoft AEG

Airsoft is a sport that is rapidly sweeping the nation. Similar to paintball, it relies heavily on the use of an AEG B1220R battery, or “Automatic Electric Gun” — a fully automatic replica weapon that fires plastic pellets at opponents in combat-like scenarios. However, like real firearms, these weapons have limitations; logically, players will often seek to upgrade their guns in order to overcome such obstacles. In this tutorial, we will look at the many options for upgrading an Airsoft AEG.

Upgrade the gear box. The chief limitation of most Airsoft weapons is the relatively short distance at which they can fire accurately; improving the gear ratio is the fastest and most efficient way of getting greater power and distance out of your stock weapon. Although finding the appropriate items can be a little difficult at first, there are a number of retailers who can help you in your search for the correct gears and brushes.

Upgrade the barrel. Many people don’t realize it, but the barrel you have on your weapon can make all of the difference, especially in a sport like this, as even the slightest obstruction can impair the pellet’s flight path. So the smoother and more streamlined the gun barrel, the farther and more accurately your shots will fly. This modification can be very time-consuming, as one must switch the old barrel for the new, and the original barrel is often surrounded by other pieces of the gun. However, it is worth it, as one can gain additional fps, distance and accuracy with this switch.

Switch out the battery. As a safety precaution, many manufacturers will deliberately ship products with a AEG power tool battery that is weaker than it could be. The smaller battery will ensure lower velocity, making the weapon safer in the minds of the distributors and designers. However, just because these weapons come equipped with a specific AEG cordless drill battery doesn’t mean that one has to settle for an under-powered gun. By using a custom battery, one can gain a longer playing time, faster fp and a gun that performs better as a whole. However, do some serious research before upgrading, as it is possible to burn your motor out if you happen to misjudge how much it can handle. The easiest way to make sure that you don’t wind up falling into that trap is to go online and search for tutorials for your specific weapon.

Add one of the countless accessories that can be used to improve gun performance. The most commonly seen accessory is a scope of some sort. These improve accuracy from larger distances, and make a very good investment. In addition, there are all sorts of other gadgets that function along similar lines, such as lasers, spotters and dot sights. Also, one can add on all sorts of cosmetic details, such as metal parts, stocks, grenade launchers and flashlights. However, the thing you should keep in mind above all else is that this is your gun, and it is totally up to you on what you want to do with it.


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