How to Replace the Blade in a Bosch Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is a tool for cutting used extensively in construction and demolition. This saw cuts through a reciprocating push and pull motion, as the blade oscillates through the material. It is also called oscillating saw or a jigsaw. The blade of a reciprocating saw actually oscillates up and down, perpendicular to the cutting motion. Over time, the blades become dull and damaged and need to be replaced. Bosch blades are really easy to install because they do not require any tools.

Unplug the reciprocating saw or remove the Bosch power tool battery. Check the size of the blade of your Bosch reciprocating saw. Make sure to buy a compatible and suitable replacement blade for your model of Bosch BAT618 battery.

Point the saw away from your body by holding it against you with the blade as far away as possible. Lean the reciprocating saw on your body but make sure not to hold it near the switch.

Find the thick ring at the base of the blade, right at the place where the blade goes into the saw. This ring is the locking collar.

Pull the locking collar toward the saw and your body. At the same time, turn the collar counter-clockwise. You will feel that the locking collar is getting loose and then the blade is popping out from the saw. That is because the locking collar ring has a spring mechanism inside it that ejects the blade.

Insert the new reciprocating blade into the same place as the old one. Turn the locking collar slightly, clockwise, to lock the new Bosch blade into place. The collar with suck the end of the blade inside and indicate that the blade is secure and firmly fixed with a clicking sound. Note that the teeth of the reciprocating saw can be installed to face up or down.

Plug the tool back in or put back its Bosch cordless drill battery.

Tug the reciprocation saw a little bit, to make sure that the blade is secure in its place.

No matter how careful you are, always wear protective gloves when changing the blades on the reciprocating saw.


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