How to Revive Dead Milwaukee Cordless Tool Batteries

It’s always heart-warming to get together with family back home. After being out-of-the-loop for the past year, I really love to catch-up on any new gossip, or laugh at the many tall-tales that are sworn to be absolutely true. I really perked-up when I heard this great tip and I am confident you will as well.

Somehow the conversation turned toward tools, as often a group of men will do, and specifically how to bring back dead cordless batteries. I thought right away of all those old dead Milwaukee 48-11-1828 batteries I had thrown away over the years, now filling up the land fill. (I know you’re supposed to dispose of them a certain way, but I guess I was never in-the-loop about what that actually entailed.) But I was still excited about all the money I could be saving henceforth. I think you will too once you discover how easy and inexpensive it really is.

OK, now to the nuts-and-bolts. First, gather up the following necessities:

(1) Set of jumper cables.
(1) Stiff copper or other metal wire. (About 4″ will do.)
(1) Automobile Milwaukee drill battery. (You can leave it in the car.)
(1) Dead cordless tool battery. (One at a time, that is.)

Now, clamp the positive (red) side of the jumper cables onto one end of the wire. If using insulated wire, you will want to remove the insulation, at least where you clip the jumpers and about a ½” on the other end. i always just strip it bare, but it’s your choice. I also like to clip the black-end to the insulated jumpers for the time being, to keep the metal ends from touching.

OK, now hook up the free end of the jumpers to the negative and positive ends of your car battery respectively. Position your battery with the two metal contacts facing up. In rapid succession, start tapping one of the contacts with the wire. This will trick the Milwaukee power tool battery into taking a charge. You may have to do this a couple hundred times for full effect.

I hope this will save you loads of money down the road. It will make my day if you tell me about it below. Thanks.


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