Replacing a 14.4 Volt Metabo Drill Battery

Metabo cordless drills use 12-, 14.4- or 18-volt rechargeable batteries to power them. With correct usage, the battery packs have a lifespan of approximately two years. Once the batteries die, they must be replaced with a Metabo battery pack using the same voltage as the old battery. For example, replace a 14.4 volt Metabo battery with only a 14.4-volt battery. After the battery pack is replaced, it must be fully charged to be used.

Unplug the Metabo drill from the power source by removing the plug from the outlet. Disconnect the charging cord from the Coleman drill by pulling the cord from outlet, located on the backside of the drill. Never change the battery while the drill is plugged into a power source.

Lay the drill flat on a table. Push the release buttons on both sides of the battery pack inward. The Metabo 6.25592 battery pack is located below the Metabo drill handle.

Pull the battery pack downward for to remove it from the Coleman drill.

Position the battery so it is aligned with the battery handle. The back side of the battery will say 14.4V on it. The back of the battery will be pointed toward the back of the cordless drill. Slide the new battery pack upward to insert it. Once properly inserted, the Metabo power tool battery will lock into place. If not properly inserted, it will not lock into place and will fall out.

Plug the charging cord back into the charging outlet on the Metabo drill. Plug the opposite end of the charging cord into an electrical outlet. The battery will begin charging.


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